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Keep Calm and Sew On!


Sewing is a hobby for those who are less educated. Mainly in villages and towns uneducated person is found that’s way they choose sewing as hobby. Housewife is mainly indulged in sewing process. The royal family doesn’t go anywhere for shopping they have their own guy for sewing their ornaments in house. People love wearing beautiful and fit clothes. Have faith in such a unique way of sewing.

Creative Skills

Sewing is always considered as a creative skill or task which is very important in the clothing point of view. The sewing process is more efficient and better for sewing stitches of the clothes or many other staffs. When we look upon a sewing machine it looks like a zigzag form. To design any outline of an outfit the material required is sewing machine, an ironing board, scissors, a seam ripper and tape for measurement. Sewing is the craft of attaching objects using stitches, a needles and thread. During old age time people used their hand for doing stitches. There was no tailoring machine at that time. The world’s first sewing machine was invented by Thomas Saint.

Affordable Price

The best sewing machines from became more affordable to work. Its demand grew very fast. From 20th century the latest fashion of working in machine has drastically increased. Not only man, are women also indulged in sewing process. People who want to gain knowledge in sewing travels many kilometers to learn it. It is mainly done in villages. Today the low price of ready-made clothes means home sewing is done in it. In more or less home sewing machine is available for doing stitches.

Types of Stitches

There are basic types of stitches for beginners to learn sewing machine at home. Some are as follows:-

  • Zig- zag stitch is a type of stitch which is useful for stretchable fabric. If you want the object to be more stretchable the stitches should be more in numbers and larger than the normal stitches.
  • One of the useful Stitches is blind stitches which are generally done on the underside of the fabric. This type of stitch is not shown on the front or top of any cloth. Here on the bottom the stitch will be long and on the top it will be very tiny which is invisible.
  • Back Stitch is a type of stitches which is defined by its name only. According to its name this stitches go back after each stitch and have to be done in both side. It looks like as if all the stitches are done in a single line.
  • Top Stitch is a type of stitch which is used in stitching of fabric staffs from one side only.
  • One of the mostly used stitches type is “cross stitch” which looks like the shape of cross on the subjected cloths or any other material which is easily visible on a fabric hat.
  • Basting Stitch is a type of stitch which is very simple and straight. It has only one drawback that is requires long stitches.
  • Lastly, the basic type of stitching technique is straight Stitch which is used by the weaver in order to stitch two pieces of material in a straight-line.


Creative mind set is necessary for sewing. Lean to sew and earn money from it. Have a positive thinking about sewing and explore your talent and help people to get there problem rectify. Style is more about being yourself.

Samantha Green